Hello Computer, Hey Dreamer

I remember a kid sitting in front of a CRT monitor and was typing phrases, key by key, “hello computer”, “my name is Saman”, “what is your name?” Everytime same error message displayed by the ancient operating system, the master piece of the time, the MS-Dos “Bad command or file name

That kid was me in the age of 15, and was my first reactions to a computer, and it was almost the first time a computer was in my city. Yea, I know and may makes you laugh, but I still remember the huge amount of wonder I was experiencing. The whole new world of technology was in front of me and all I was trying to do was communicating with that piece of future, in my own special way. And to be honest it makes me laugh either sometimes when I remember that day.



My name is Sam Kurd, I’ve been born in “Baneh” a small city in Iran and I Love technology and innovative design. Sometimes these two factors, “Technology” and “Design” meet each other, there will be the moment which makes me feel satisfied, and encourages me to be a part of it. As you might have guessed I should have been an Apple fanboy, but I’m not. I’m in the Microsoft league. If you ask the reason, I will tell you that as an architect it’s important to me that Technology and design should happen together, and they should make a difference when they happen.

12080126_1004034926286674_1779798171084740682_oI believe the art of technological innovation is not for art sake or just for technology stuff itself. That should happen for a purpose, a good one, to offer people the ability to be more and more productive and make their life easier. It’s what the architects do, they do “Design” but their design should work and add value to people’s life, and that’s the point. I guess that’s what happening now in Microsoft, creating great technologies to let rest of us enjoy doing our businesses and life. The mind blowing “HoloLens” technology, amazing “continuum” technology which transforms your smartphone to a killer PC device experience and look at the amazing devices from surface team, they’re wonderful. And even if I don’t mention the Office, Azure Cloud platform and our lovely hero “Windows 10” there is enough proof that something is changing there in Microsoft. Look at the Surface Book, you’ll love the engineering detailed visionary , and also you can feel presences of an artist there. That’s where I dream about to be.


Here, this website will be my personal website. I’ll publish my thoughts, designs and concepts, and also my portfolio will be here for what is now my current career, Architectural design and CG Visualization. Here will be a beginning point for my deep interests in the world of technology and creative design. I’ve ignored that part of my soul for a long period of time, but this is not happening anymore. I’m here to get involve in the industry that tickles my creativity and makes me sleepless to innovate.


Here, will have two major sections, just in case I don’t add any new in future, the VISION section and the PORTFOLIO. The vision, will be a Blog style section for my website, which as I said will be the place my thoughts, concept design and various subjects that I most want to share will be published. These subjects will mostly be covering technology, design and maybe sometimes surprising crazy things. The portfolio section, that’s clearly will be where some of my most loved projects will land. Overall I hope you like this website and find it useful . You’re always welcome to CONTACT me, we can be friends, and also share your comments wherever you see a comment section. We can make a better future while sharing our ideas.


The decades and centuries ahead us, will be full of technologies we never could even think of it to be possible. And some that we can imagine are just experiencing the first stages of improvement and research, things like quantum computing, fully self-aware Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Universes, Time Traveling, mars exploration, aging treatment and immortality, and soon what we’re proud of today will be jokes to the new generations. And that kid, sitting in front of that ugly rough CRT monitor, will soon be answered “Hey Dreamer


Tell me in the comment section below, what do you expect from future, and how far your imaginations travel